Colloidal Silver Water Generator

Colloidal Silver Water Generator


All you need is distilled water, Comes with EVERYTHING you will need to start making Colloidal Silver Water!


Product Number: 4576


Can make one glass or one gallon or more at a time from distilled water. Drink one or more ounces daily. May be applied directly to cuts, rashes, earaches, toothaches and burns. Store in a cool, dark place. NEVER REFRIGERATE or HEAT. Complete instructions included.

Colloidal silver water is not to be used every day except as a gargle in the morning, and should only be swallowed if there is any bacteria, fungus or virus, inflammation, or cold/flu is present. Can consume up to 2 to 4 oz daily for up to 14 days. May be applied topically as needed anytime.

Product Warnings

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